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dans mon portfolio d'applications. Vous y trouverez une liste complète de mes applications iOS, Android et Windows Phone avec une description et des liens vers le site de l'app ainsi que vers les différents store.

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Colormind's app allow you to keep your favorite game in your pocket : the mastermind. It has been created to be ergonomic and simple, to give you the best game experience possible.

There are two game modes : a very simplifier mode called "Colormind" which is suitable for children and which will help you acquire the basis of Mastermind, and a "Mastermind" mode that contains the same rules as the well-know Mastermind.

ColorMind will keep you entertained while you wait in the line.

Keep calm, play ColorMind !

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European converter

The most simple and elegant currency converter for iOS.

"European Converter" helps you to convert from euro to one of the sixteen currencies available. It can even take account of commissions of your currency exchange counter.

Different providers are supported by the application: Yahoo! Finance, The converter

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A practical and simple application to calculate your VAT.

Manage yourself a list of various VAT (or taxes) used by the application:

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Flight Companion

Application réalisé dans le cadre d'un projet scolaire.

Flight Compagnon allows pilots to save their flights duration between the 445 french airports.

This way, pilots can keep a record of all their flights and manage their history.

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